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twist again_ installation copy.png

Twist again


rubik's cube, stickers 

installation view



Twist again examines the legitimacy of geopolitical frontiere at a time of global cultural homogenization accelerated by new technologies. The artist appropriates this old-fashion rubik's cube puzzle and replace the colourful stickers on its sides with stickers of various national flags from around the world.

The flags are originally placed on the cube according the the physical geographic position of the countries they are attached to on the world map.


Viewers are invited the twist and turn the cube as they wish redefining by these simple actions the geopolitical frontiers of this imaginary globe. The purpose of the game is not to work out the solution to the puzzle but to challenge the rigidity of the physical frontiers and to turn each player into an active actor in the transformation of the space he/she lives in - this transformation being physical or cultural.



2018    "Exile Pavillon" /  curators: Marie Deparis-Yafil and Mounir Fatmi  /  French Institute  /  St Louis, Senegal

2016    “Comment peut-on être #Persan”  /  Mohsen Gallery  /  Tehran, Iran

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