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the shadow of myself


neon, transformer

118 x 47 x 2 in  (300 x 120 x 5 cm)


the shadow of myself  is part of the bodies of work “Comment peut-on être #Persan” created in Tehran.

The two neons that resemble the red and green neon signs found in every other shops of the Iranian city, read in French and in Farsi the sentence  "the shadow of myself".  

The artist plays with the double meaning of this sentence that, beyond its literal interpretation, is also a French phrase used when someone looks weakened and sick. In the installation, the words directly refer to the all too common shadow of the Western tourists hidden behind their phone, obsessively documenting and sharing online pretty images of their experience of the local culture. 


2016    “Comment peut-on être #Persan”, KARA Award final project presentation, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

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