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Homer evoked in the Iliad the chimeras, these fabulous hybrid creatures made of several assembled bodies, "lion in front, snake in the back, goat in the middle". Twenty-eight centuries later, science has shown that this metaphor reflects a biological reality that is at the foundation of the mother-daughter relationship. During pregnancy, mother and fetus interexchange cells that end up settling permanently in the organisms of the one and the other. After birth, a girl carries her mother's cells all her life, but the mother also keeps her baby's cells within her; two chimeras are born. Since my youngest childhood, I have been told very often, “you are the exact copy of your mother”… I should answer them that, in reality, it is not my identity that mimics her, but rather that her alterity constitutes a part of my identity. Whether I like it or not, my mother is in me.


Chimeric cells, sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful (as the mother-daughter relationship very often is), are the foundation of a bond so deep that it is beyond our understanding or the power of our will. In the body of each woman, cells of her ancestors and her descendants coexist. They form an invisible thread that transmits knowledge and traumas. Before being mothers and even without ever becoming one, women are chimeras. Each contains us all.

“MOTHER! explores, the notion of femininity in all its complexity by looking at the first image we have of a woman - our mother - and one of the first places where we connect with femininity - her breast. MOTHER! invites us in a poetic journey through time and space, body and cosmos, public and intimate that the artist has undertaken to understand her feminine identity and all the elements - both internal and external - that contributed to define it.

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