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Kosmatopoulos_Esmeralda_from here to the moon_x_160x100_rollers 2.jpg

From her to the Moon


C-print photography collage, wood, rubber

160 x 100 x 50 cm



“from her to the Moon” explores the notion of femininity in all its complexity by looking at the first image we have of what a woman is, our mother, and one of the first places where we connect with femininity, her breast.

We often talk about the mother-son relationship and how the memories of their mother’s breast as babies explains men appeal to women’s breasts as adults. Sexual or maternal, aesthetic or erotic, women's breasts are seen as both the emblem and the proof of their femininity, enclosing the woman in a body that has historically been objectified and alienated. In this project the artist shares her own memory as a woman of her mother’s breast, and looks at this all-too-often idealized and forever-lost golden age of unconditional love and safety beyond the criteria of gender and sexuality.


In the series of collages, the artist appropriates the symbol of the full moon traditionally connected to fertility. She covers its surface with close up photographs of her own breast, creating a new imaginary lunar landscape made of areola, skin pores, beauty marks and stretch marks that her adult arms are trying to grasp and hold. To each piece she associates a vague but nethertheless nostalgic early mother-daughter moment represented in childhood photographs she has been watching and romanticizing all her adult life.






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