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Esmeralda kosmatopoulos - lettre anonyme copy.jpg

Lettre anonyme


neon, transformer

90 x 11 x 3.5 in (168 x 46 x 3 cm)



Lettre anonyme takes a romantic sentence drawn from ancient love letters, and exposes it in bright white neon letters to the public, turning this intimate one-on-one written communication into a direct frontal message to the audience. The message itself, while sounding very romantic at first, becomes frightfully cold and generic when read literally today - a portrait of our times where communication increasingly occurs thru and in between screens, where a simple sign of emotion and intimacy, is treated as a sign and not as a signifier openly disseminated and shared on social networks.


While communication between human exponentially increases and expands, their physical voice is slowly getting muted. The work questions the different levels of reading that one can have of the sentence and the state of the human relations each level encompasses. 




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