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neon, transformer

45 x 60 x 1 in  (115 x 152 x 5 cm)


Keyhole  is part of the bodies of work “Comment peut-on être #Persan” created during a residency in Tehran in the Spring 2016.

Keyhole explores how culture is now experienced, documented, disseminated and celebrated in the post-Internet age. The oversized-neon follows the outlines of two hands holding a phone, ready to snap a picture of what is standing in front of them. 


The wall behind the neon acts as an imaginary screen to this oversized virtual phone - a place where the freedom of the white canvas it offers clashes with the very nature of the wall as an object and the sense of restriction it conveys. 


Keyhole questions our active role in the conservation and transmission of culture at a time where Internet and social networks enable us to act both as receivers and emitters of information, an information written in a simplified techno-language made of images and short posts and delivered anonymously online to an infinite audience.

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