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‘Connecting the dots’ probes the complex relationship between, on the one hand, tradition and cultural heritage, and on the other, creativity and innovation in the digital age. It appropriates the simplicity of imagery we associate with children’s games: a fundamental language that transcends cultures and geographical frontiers. The artist mixes the elements of traditional practice with bold aspects of digital culture in order to present the viewer with a rare opportunity to reconsider the ways in which we learn, create, and share in a time where digital screens have superseded paper – and in so doing, questions the very nature of what it means to be human in the post-Internet age.


Balancing on the fragile line between the physicality of paper and the virtual incandescence of screen, the artist inspires a dialogue between the analogue and digital worlds in which we live and work. The playful relationship between all three works highlight the fragile frontier between: micro and macro; rational structure and subjective meaning; materiality and abstraction; and literally the tension between object and chaos.  Each piece acts as a point of convergence between the past and present, physical and virtual, and ultimately between one another. 

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