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Neon, transformer, cellphones, tablets, cables
160 x 70 x 40 in  (420 x 180 x 90 cm)


Argo Navis I is an oversized almost skeletal sculpture of the paper boat made completely of white neon lines. The object has been simplified do it's very core, dematerializing in front of the viewer's eyes. The virtual position of a boat rests on top of a sea of cellphones and tablets, already made obsolete by newer models, glowing an electric buzz in shades of blue. 


Throughout the show, visitors are invited to write, draw or otherwise leave their mark on a piece of paper that can then be folded into a paper boat and placed throughout the base of the neon sculpture. In this way, the installation grows organically with the natural ebb and flow of viewership and participation. 


Argo Navis I appropriates the simplicity of imagery we associate with children’s games: a fundamental language that transcends cultures and geographical frontiers. The artist mixes the elements of traditional practice with bold aspects of digital culture in order to present the viewer with a rare opportunity to reconsider the ways in which we learn, create, and share in a time where digital screens have superseded paper – and in so doing, questions the very nature of what it means to be human in the post-Internet age.



2015    “Connecting the dots”, Solo show, Seaport Studios, New York, USA 

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