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Touch, our primal and earliest sense, operates through direct physical contact, momentarily erasing the distances that separate us from the essence of others, whether they be people or objects. We only consider real what we can touch, anchoring ourselves in the tangible. However, our contemporary existence often immerses us in a virtual realm where digital images replace our physical presence, restricting touch to the mere sliding of fingers on a screen. We are losing touch.

"Caressing walls" This exploration stems from the concept of skin, highlighting its inherent ambiguity: the skin as a conduit for communication with the Other, simultaneously a boundary preventing us from fully becoming the Other; a surface that is both smooth and soft, yet permeable, punctuated by countless points of connection to the outside world; a simple bodily envelope capable of reaching our innermost selves through the gentle touch of a caress. These complexities underscore the limits of the caress, from pleasure to pain, unity to potential cannibalization, revealing our inherent human vulnerability. 

The commonly heard phrase "inhabit your body" likens our physical presence to a house, with our skin serving as its walls and foundation, dividing and protecting simultaneously. "Caressing walls" embraces this metaphor, constructing an immersive artistic journey through photos and three-dimensional installations. Walls, bricks, fences, ladders, and metal bars, interwoven with remnants of our bodily envelope, transform into the tangible embodiments of our limitations—imbued with form, potency, sensuality, and softness.

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