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Neon, wire, transformers, flasher 
16 x 65 x 0.5 in  (40 x 165 x 1 cm)



WHOSE? explores the fundamental concepts of ownership, authorship and privacy in the post-internet age where online remix-culture, privacy infringements and web piracy come to challenge their traditional definition.While the neon letters “O”, “U” and “R” shine with a clear, bright red light, the letter “Y” appears weak, endlessly vacillating between bright and dull, fighting to remain on. The playful flashing neon invites the viewer to reflect on the simple questions: What is mine? What is yours? What is ours? what is “theirs”? when online and offline.



2015    “Wassaic Summer Exhibition”, Wassaic Project, Wassaic, USA

2015    “Counterfeit for cash” curated by Douglas Paulson, Flux-Factory, New York, USA

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