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Talk to Midas


Plaster, microphone, Internet, live broadcasting

16 x 12 x 8 in  (40 x 30 x 20 cm)


Talk to Midas recreates the myth of the King Midas at the age of Social media, Wikileaks and online information privacy.

King Midas was ashamed of his donkey ears, which he hid from the world. His barber was the only one who knew his secret and the king made the barber promise that he would never tell anyone. Eventually the secret became too much for the barber to handle, he went to a meadow and whispered the truth to a hole in the ground. Later the reeds that grew on that meadow whispered the secret to the wind that in turn carried it up to town and everyone found out about it.


Viewers are invited to whisper inside the oversized sculpture some secrets only they know. As they release their frustration privately to the ear, their disguised voices are broadcasted live and anonymously on a public Internet radio station and thru out the exhibition space. They become the barber of the myth of Midas and the Internet is today’s meadow where anybody can be the reed that spreads secrets to the world.


2016    “Do You Hear What I Hear?” curated by Anthony Elms, AIR Gallery, New York, USA

2015    “You Don't Bring Me Flowers (+ The Mistress Project)” curated by Quang Bao, 68  Project, Berlin,                          Germany

2014    “Gossips” curated by Łucja Waśko-Mandes, TRAFO, Szczecin, Poland

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