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Video, TV monitors, computers, phones
Size variable


Sisyphus is a multi-screen video installation that investigates our emotional relationship with technological devices that have become an extension of our bodies. Each screen plays on loop the video of a phone battery symbol charging and uncharging restlessly at various paces. 


Sisyphus animates the absurdity of a new ritual, the endless search to power our phones and display in loop the cycle of life, death and rebirth of these devices. The artist plays with symbols and the visual elements associated with the cold universe of electronics and injects features related to human emotion, anthropomorphizing technology. 

The inclination to ascribe human qualities to disposable unanimated objects can be traced back to Antiquity but the modern anthropomorphization of technology has taken an all-new meaning, as communication devices are playing greater roles in our day-to-day lives, progressively becoming an extension of our own identity. Phones die over and over thru the course of their overall lifespan. While the linguistic twist helps us make more sense of technological evolution, Sisyphus questions their further implications in the way we think about technology and about death itself.


2018    "Hooked" curated by Hannah Redler Hawes  /  Kings College Science Gallery  /  London, United Kingdom

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