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Neon, plexiglass
12 x 44 x 3 in  (30 x 112 x 7.5 cm)


Pendulum is a neon sculpture that investigates the construction of History in the digital and social media age.
The neon initially presents itself as the word “HISTORY” but the letter “i” progressively falls to the left turning the letter "h" into a hashtag symbol. Deprived from its two first letters, “HISTORY” transforms into “#STORY”. The two words continuously alternate as the letter "i" moves up and down mimicking the movement of a pendulum counting the time that goes by.


Together, these words interact to compliment and challenge one another. The neon is a space for reflection of the performance of storytelling as it influences our perception of history in an age of innovation.
The piece explores the relationship we, as humans, have with history – how it is created, retained and recounted for future generations. While the Internet and social media allows each individual to share their personal account unprecedented, it also sanctions a surplus of stories that challenge the production of a cohesive, shared history.

#STORY confronts the complexity of telling a singular or collective HISTORY as influenced by technology and new ways of communication during a time of fast innovation. The interconnectivity of our shared stories on our communal histories is made evident through the transformation of the words.


2015    “Come to bed!” curated by Roya Sachs, BOSI Contemporary, New York, USA

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