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on my way - (excerpt)
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On my way


Sound, megaphone, wood
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On my way explores the concepts of home, identity and memory thru the lens of exile. 


The work was created during a two-month residency in Beirut explores the concepts of identity and memory through the lens of exile working in the Syrian refugee camps near the border.

She appropriated Act 4 of the libretto of the opera "L'amour de loin" written my the contemporary Lebanese author Amid Maloof describing the journey of a Western prince to join the Eastern princess he never met but fell in love with based on the sublimated description a pilgrim gave of her. In the piece, fragments of the opera sang by the Lebanese opera singer Matteo El Khodr are layered on top of the raw sounds recorded by the  artists of her own daily journey from Beirut to the camps of the Bekaa valley in the local minibus . 

Both acoustic elements represent in a different perspective the journey towards from and towards Home. The work continuously vacillates between a poetic and romanticized  representation of the trip and the factual reality of it; Imagination comes to clash with reality to highlight the profound duality of exile as experienced by the exile.



2017    “L'amour de loin” /  BAR  /  Beirut, Lebanon​​

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