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Mémoire voilée


c-print photographs, tracing paper

8.3 x 11.7 in  (210 x 297 mm)



Mémoire voilée is a body of works that investigate the relation between facts and memory thru the  lens of Exile. 


This project was created during a two/months residency in Lebanon. The artist collaborated with three NGOs  working with children in refugee camps near the Syrian border to reactivate memories of their home by drawing the memory they have from the town they come from.

The artist printed these genuine expression of  memory on tracing paper and layered them on top of the first images of that same city obtains thru a Google search. The colorful drawings of a fairways lost paradise remembered by the children act as a veil to the factual horror of the war depicted on the photographs that define the city they come from online.  


Disconnected from their owner and displayed together anonymously in the installation space, these unique stories  narrate in a poetic and genuine way the experience of these children forced to leave their home and experience exile in the midst of the conflict. The simplicity of these familiar drawing clash with the reality of the conflict, creating along the way a more emotional and personal connection with the viewer.




2019    "DRAMATURKIA"  /  curator: Azad Azifovich  /  University of Antwerp  /  Antwerp, Belgium

2018    "Exile Pavillon" /  curators: Marie Deparis-Yafil and Mounir Fatmi  /  French Institute  /  St Louis, Senegal

2017    “L'amour de loin” /  BAR  /  Beirut, Lebanon​

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