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Mastering the Art of Contemporary Art (MACA) brings together the universe of cooking and visual art in a shared metaphor that investigates the artistic process of creation - from the idea to its materialization and its public exhibition. Programs like The French Chef and Jamie at Home have often transformed our relationship with food thru their direct didactic function but also thru their informal invitation for personal experimentation. Within a TV-kitchen setting, an instructional website and an art salon, the exhibition challenges collective productions and situations. MACA invites the audience into a similar mental and physical journey thru the artistic creation process aiming at demystifying the act of creation, unleashing personal creativity and opening a wider conversation on empowerment, authorship and ownership.
The project consists of three open-spaces: a culinary TV set, an tutorials website and a dining room. When broken down, each of the spaces has a very basic goal: learn, create and reflect. 
Mastering the Art of Contemporary Art is an open invitation for everyone to learn, create, reflect, redistribute, re-consume existing artworks and ideas, generate new meanings and continue a global conversation. The project itself, that premiered in Kunsthal Aarhus in March 2016, is a never-ending work in progress, an open book with no last page. 

Watch videos of the performances on:


2016    Ole Bak Jakobsen, "The recipe for a work of art!", KUNSTEN, March 22, 2016

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