Les juilletistes


c-print photographs

size variable


“Les juilletistes” is a series of the 31 photographs take the form of a visual holiday calendar of a holidays month. 

The project is part of the body of works "It is alway summer somewhere" created during residency in the island of Lesbos in the summer 2018.
When walking In a public beach near the port frequented by locals, the artist stepped onto the wreckage of an inflatable boat half buried in the sand - a boat similar to the many used by migrants to reach the Greek shore and that local authorities may still have forgotten to dispose of. She decided to use the vestige of a the frightening journée that brought these anonymous passenger to the island as a starting point to build her own mythology of this tragic but all so common event - a mythology that revisits the whole story of the island and brings together elements of the current refugee tragedy with references from the Greek own history and the population exchange of the the early 20ies that brought 1.6million refugees back to Greece. 
She came back every day for one month on that beach where the refugee boat landed and took photographs of the sea, capturing random but all-too-cliché views of a standard summer day in a Greek island. She then cleared these 31 photos of any bather and tourist boat presence by covered them with white rectangles. By removing these small pieces of information, the missing white rectangles become like disruptive ghosts that cannot stop but haunting the viewers imagination.