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Ripstop fabric, ribbon, airblower

Commissioned by AMA | Art Museum of the Americas and HUGO BOSS

International Aids Conference - July 2012 - Washington DC​


The project consists of three inflatable hands. Large red and white ribbons run through each of the hands, starting between the thumb and the index finger, following the "lifeline" on the palm and then sprawling out onto the grass, extending the lifeline beyond the palms.

On the ribbon are hand-written in red letters, the testimonies of women part of ICW in the US and Latin America. Among the women, is be Patricia Pérez, ICW co-founder and president.

This installation is about Letters and Lines, Life and Love … "L" links all these values together. “L” is more than a letter. It is an image  – a round cursive than resembles the AIDS awareness ribbon and embraces femininity.  It is also a sound  – that of the French pronoun "elle" which in English means "she", a reference to Kosmatopoulos’ French origins.

The encompassing metaphor of the hands is based on palm reading.  The installation opposes the idea of fate and restriction, promoting the notion of the individual's free will and personal empowerment in a world where people tend to follow the status quo. This message relates directly to the social issues surrounding life with HIV. The hands have dual functionality as challengers of fate and authority as well as symbolizing harmony among these women united thru their shared stories and feelings.


2012    “L”, Site-specific installation, AMA|Art Museum of Americas, Washington DC, USA

2012    "L", Site-specific installation,Smithsonian Folk Festival, Washington, DC, USA

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