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I will not...


Chalkboard, chalk
Size variable


I will not...  revisits the ambiguity of language and languages in the post-Internet age by exploring the inconsistencies of language through translation, be it through an analogue dictionary or an online algorithm.

Taking the sentence "I will not get lost in translation", she uses Google translate to translates it from one language to another, into the 15 main languages used on the online translation software ranked by importance and then turns individual translation back to English to visualize how the meaning of this simple sentence is impacted by each digital translation. As the translations progress, the sentence slowly disconnects from the original text, traveling independently through vernacular differences and cultural relativities. Its meaning is altered by the weight of languages, its nuances are weaken at each iteration of the process to finally, in the fifteenth translation, contradict itself. 

In the exhibition space, the artist appropriates the visual imagery of traditional classrooms and more specifically the exercise of repeated writing on chalkboard most of us have experienced at some point in our childhood, writing in chalk the 15 iterations obtained thru the translation process. The contrast between the quasi-mecanical repetition of a unique idea - "I will not get lost in translation" - and the incessant change of the words used to express it in each of its iterations questions the significance of meanings and cultural interpretations in human exchanges – whether it be physical or virtual.

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