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Home in pieces - installation view.jpg

Home in pieces (under construction)


c-print photographs, sound

size variable



HOME in pieces investigates to relation between the abstract concept of "home" and the material objects attached to it.


The artist collaborated with 3 NGOs working with children in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. The children were asked one question: "what is the favorite object you carried with you from Syria and what is the story behind it?". Their answers were recorded and each of them was given a camera to photograph the cherished treasure from the past from his/her own creativity perspective.

On the photographs, the object is standing alone in front of a white background - detached from the specific context and landscape of the camp - to become a genuine expression of that child's memory of the loved time and place they come from.


The artist gather the audio recordings and images to create an art installation that explores - thru the eyes and memory of these children - the relationship between simple material objects and the immaterial memories they trigger.  Disconnected from their owner and displayed together anonymously in the installation space, these unique stories will narrate in a poetic and genuine way the experience of these children forced to leave their home and experience exile in the midst of the conflict. The simplicity of these familiar objects standing on a neutral background and the sound of children's voices will clash with the reality of the conflict, creating along the way a more emotional and personal connection with the viewer.



2017    “L'amour de loin” /  BAR  /  Beirut, Lebanon​​

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