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art installation by artist esmeralda kosmatopoulos with artworks made of photo printed on sheer curtain fabric about femininity motherhood and woman breast with the moon and a mammogram on a black background

Falling from the Moon



installation view



"Falling from the moon" questions the conception of femininity, defined in a wedge between the motherhood and sexuality. The series of 6 fabric panels show a starry sky that an imposing luminous white sphere crosses from top to bottom and from left to right. The sphere is easily identified at first glance as a waning full moon. But, when looking closer, one can discover the shape of a nipple at its left end.


For this project, the artist replaced the star of the night traditionally linked to femininity and fertility with the image of a mammogram of her own breast whose shape and texture appear strangely so similar. At the bottom of each panel is written a verse from the Greek lullaby “Little moon of paper”  that her mother used to sing to her when she was a child.

Sexual or maternal, aesthetic or erotic, women's breasts are seen today as both the emblem and the proof of their femininity, enclosing the woman in a body that has historically been objectified and alienated. A woman can trace the course of her existence through the prism of her breasts: from breastfeeding her mother to the appearance of her own breasts and the discovery of her sexuality… it is this journey through time and space that “Falling from the Moon” attempts to recreate by blending nostalgic and poetic memories of her childhood with medical documentation from inside her own female body.

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