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art installation by artist esmeralda kosmatopoulos with photo printed on glass artworks about femininity motherhood and woman breast with the moon and a mammogram



digital print on glass, wood

50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm each



Eclipse” investigates the notion of femininity in all its complexity. The series of 6 images show a round and full moon which gradually, gets covered by another sphere of similar size, shape and texture, that of a mammogram of the artist's breast.


The body of work appropriates and questions two symbols that both represent, in their own way, femininity in the collective consciousness. The first, that of the moon, has been present since time immemorial, be it in Greek mythology, in Incas beliefs or in the Arabic poems of the Middle Ages. Compared to the star of the night, of the Unconscious and of monthly cycles, femininity becomes a blend of beauty, protections but also inaccessibility.

Next to this mystical and poetic image of the lunar woman, comes (or even eclipse) another much more ambiguous symbol of the woman that links her directly to her corporeality: her breast. Sexual or maternal, aesthetic or erotic, women's breasts are seen today as both the emblem and proof of their femininity, enclosing the woman in a body that has historically been objectified and alienated. They place themselves in a wedge between two antinomic functions that define her in our society: on the one hand the mother and on the other the  lover.


Between body and cosmos, science and poetry, interior and exterior, public and intimate, “Eclipse” exposes this universal and difficult equation of being a woman.

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