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Χλόη (Chloe) embraces the symbolism of ruins, sparking contemplation on the intricate relationship between Past, Present, and Future, as well as the dynamic interplay of Culture and Nature.

Beyond mere architectural remnants, ruins embody the imprints of time on our culture—a visual narrative of our past and a reflection of our civilizations. They signify humanity's pursuit of immortality, drawing us into the labyrinth of the long term, connecting us with our ancestors while evoking a profound awareness of our finite existence.  The degradation of ruins encapsulates the cultural essence and the expectations inherent in a human perspective, but not from the perspective of Nature. Through these remnants, Nature asserts its rights, transforming man-made creations into a hybrid of nature and culture.

In Ancient Greek, Χλόη (Chloe) is a feminine word that means young sprout capturing the perpetual and unstoppable rebirth of Nature that transcends time and space. The artist reshapes ancient column-like forms, crafted from modern construction materials, into a new source of life with plants sprouting from within. This rebirth imparts a renewed "life" to the ruins, extending beyond anthropocentric goals and values.

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