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As a multicultural artist, I am driven by my desire to locate myself. I attempt to trace the boundaries of my persona in order to determine where I begin, where I end and where I belong.

My practice is a constant investigation of the fundamental concepts of what makes us human - concepts of identity, Otherness, personal memory, collective history, shared culture - and how we perceive, translate and transmit this information to the world. My role as an artist is to build connections – between here and there, now and then, analogue and digital and ultimately between one and another – in the search for the smallest common denominators that unify us thru time and space within the human experience.


I question the outwardly “obvious”, the "normal", the "familiar" and bring dichotomies and tensions within their visual imagery, cultural symbols, modes of representation and common practices to question their meaning and their stability.  I appropriate and decontextualize seemingly straightforward objects or environments everyone can connect with, and, use humor and irony to uncover overlooked elements and changes in the perception we have of them. The everyday and the familiar turn into a catalyst to explore our very human nature.


My work is built upon a network of meaningful collaborations, incorporating participatory components at multiple stages of the creative process. Each project vacillates between performance – the experience of the participants living through the participatory process - and exhibition – the experience of the audience in front of the final work created. I base my research on personal stories and other forms of open invitations to participate, collecting subjective personal experiences, all are unique in their form and content. When disconnected from their original author and gather within the same piece, they become an anonymous public exposure of our human nature that transcends time, languages and cultures. 

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