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Anemoticon garden

Metal, wood, plants, air blowers
Size variable


Anemoticon garden looks at human emotions through the lens of emoticons. Emoticons are combinations of punctuation marks and alphanumerics that, put in a certain order, create pictograms of human faces, mimicking offline facial expressions. Through their extremely simplistic form, they can transcend language and cultures, becoming a universal way to represent deep human feelings.  


In Anemoticon garden, the artist turns the happy/sad face smiley into a wind chime and places 50 of them inside a recreated tropical garden to create a kinetic mobile installation. The three-dimensional punctuation pairs hang from the ceiling at various heights while air blowers create a light breeze inside the room, animating the chimes and randomly transforming the mood of the emoticon from happy to sad, quiet, winky or worried.


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