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about 2 inches-long


fiberglass, steel

Size Variable


“about 2 inches-long” presents a nasothek made of a hundred sculptures of noses from various sizes and shapes. Taking the famous of aphorism of Pascal, ‘The nose of Cleopatra: had it been shorter, the face of the entire world would have been changed.’ (Pensées 162) as a starting point, the artist focuses on that famous nose to question the impact small changes can have in the overall course of History.

To do so, she looked at 50 representations of Cleopatra throughout  Art History - from coins and sculptures of that era, to classically inspired ideals of the Renaissance, to the orientalist fantasies of the nineteenth century and the plethora of Hollywood movies of our times – and sculpted the way her nose was depicted in each of them. For the other 50 noses, she leaded workshops with children who, after seeing these 50 images of paintings, were asked to imagine and sculpt how did the nose of Cleopatra looked like according to them.

For Pascal, this thought illustrated how something small can change the course of history in the making. Kosmatopoulos gives to the aphorism a new sense by looking at History from an “after the fact” perspective and questioning how multiples perspective of a single truth of an History already written can change the course of History to be written.